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1950 Hugh B Kerr & Son Builders

Hugh B Kerr & Son Ltd were building and civil engineering contractors in early to the mid 20th Century in Blantyre and Hamilton.

In 1950, they had subsidiary companies Kerrlaw Quarry Ltd (suppliers of freestone and silica sand) on telephone Blantyre 231. Also Kerr Plant Hiring Co Ltd (plant hirers and contractors). Their offices and large yard were at Station Road with overall telephone Blantyre 117 and 118.

The yard had garages for his lorries and equipment behind no 53 Station Road. Access to the garage was by an entrance adjacent to No 55 Station Road. The yard extended to the site of the former St Joseph’s Primary School (at the rear of the houses on Station Road) and most of the houses of Park Lane now stand on the site. Kerr constructed the houses in Kerr Street, which gave the street its name. It is thought he also built the houses between the corner of Kerr Street and the corner of Farm Road to Number 59 Station Road, possibly even more.

Hugh B Kerr’s stone quarry in Auchentibber was faced you as you turned from Parkneuk Road on to Newhousemill Road. Mr Millar who had the fireplace shop on Glasgow Road and builders at Burnbrae Farm served his time as a stonemason with Hugh B Kerr.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c)

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Michael Mcginley Having lived in a prefab in Kerr st and Hugh B Kerr’s yard across the road from me. I never connected them, so thanks for the information Paul.
Lesley Bethel Hugh B Kerr was my mothers uncle
Tom Loggie I was born at 11Kerr St. And brought up at 53 Station Rd. My Dad was Hugh B Kerr’s foreman and was with them for over Thirty years

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  1. Hugh B Kerr was my grandfather. I remember going to the offices with my father W C Kerr as a child in the fifties.

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