Arranging Takeover Shuttle Row

1930 David Livingstone Shuttle Row

1930’s Shuttle Row

A meeting was held in the Religious Institution rooms, Glasgow on 22nd January 1926, when it was agreed to purchase Livingstone’s early home and grounds at Blantyre for conversion into a Scots National Memorial.

Appeals for financial support were sent out to turn Shuttle Row into a museum and residents were put at notice.

The Executive Committee of the Scottish National Memorial to David Livingstone had completed arrangements for taking over the property at Blantyre at Whitsunday on 5th June 1927. The work of restoration commenced soon after the building was evacuated.

Over £800 had been received from collections made by Scottish Sunday schools in connection with Livingstone Day towards starting the project. I can only imagine how the residents felt upon hearing the news they would have to vacate their homes, at a time of housing shortage in Blantyre to make way for a new museum.

I’ve added to my to do list, to investigate the families who would have been affected and hope to work out where they ended up next!

Partly from “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c)

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Mary Crowe My Aunt and Uncle William and Mary Corker lived at 8 Shuttle Row in the 1925 Valuation Rolls and they moved to 6 Viewfield Avenue.

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