Carrigan’s Blantyre – Pub opening


2016-carrigans-blantyre-construction-wmOn Tuesday 8th November 2016, just before a Committee meeting, I was lucky enough to be invited along by the Carrigan family for a sneak preview of their new pub in Broompark Road. I’d been keeping a eye on the construction work, as pictured here in the outside photo on 19th October 2016.

The restaurant next door had already been opened for 9 months and the lounge in there had been doubling as the bar. However, on 8th November 2016, I was kindly given a guided tour of the building, which was a hive of activity of painters, decorators and staff being trained,getting ready for the opening of the new public house.

As you can see from my photos, the brand new Sports Bar on Broompark Road looks absolutely stunning! A marble horseshoe bar, tasteful decoration and all looking very fine indeed. There was even an outdoor dog area, making the pub pet friendly!


The Carrigan family opened the brand new pub as a soft opening, or test to regulars on Wednesday 9th November 2016, but the official opening of the pub was on Thursday 10th November 2016, to the wider general public.

The large function hall at the rear of the building was still being finished but was opened later in November. William Hill bookmakers also have a unit within the new development.

This sees the completion of a considerable investment by the Carrigan family, and one which is certainly helping put Blantyre on the map. Carrigans of course are a long established company and have been in Blantyre for some time. They have gained an excellent reputation for their food, something very apparent by reviews left on their page and something I can vouch for personally. I wish the family every success for the future with this venture, which already, in the most positive of discussions, is the talk of the town!

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