1975 Greencroft at Bardykes



This photo was shared with me from Tom Robertson. Tom told me he was unsure of the year but that the photo was taken at the back of former Greencroft House just off Bardykes Road.

Incredibly, as Tom showed me the photo, I immediately KNEW who the children were. Alan and Lesley Dunn. I know this as Alan was in my class in Primary School and seeing he is around 4 or 5 in this photo, must have made the photo likely as 1975 or 76. I lost contact with Alan after High School but believe some of the Dunn family still live in Blantyre.

Greencroft was once situated just off Bardykes Road, near the cottage hospital. Today, modern Larch Court is situated on these back gardens. There are small bungalows now on the site of the actual house.


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