Reaching around the World

Sometimes I forget that people outside of Blantyre take an interest in this town. It’s easily done being such a small place. However, its clear there are people around the world interested in history, or ancestry, or ex-pats who perhaps have moved away from Blantyre. So, last night I had a wonderful, heartwarming reminder that this little town is fondly remembered by people and interest in Blantyre reaches all over the world.

Alan Lawrence wrote, “Hello Paul, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you and your family all the best for 2017. I have attached a couple of photos from our Christmas gathering here in Canada. I did purchase the two books and the pictures show the result. I am by far Norma’s favorite sibling thanks to you and your work. It truly is amazing that your energies and effort are not only local but reach out around the world. Thank you for you dedication. Regards, Alan Lawrence.”

Perhaps my most favourite message this year, of course I ensured I sent Alan a reply of many thanks. The thought of Blantyre Project books under Christmas trees in far away places, or putting a smile on faces, getting the local history “out there in the world“, (at the same time raising money for Blantyre good causes), is all I could ever hope for.

Merry Christmas to Alan and Norma and their families and thanks to everybody who bought my Blantyre books for Christmas presents in recent months.

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Maureen Mccallum My sister in Italy also has a copy of your book which she loves x
Chris Ladds This is fantastic Paul, especially as it means parts of my beloved Glen are being shared to promote that cause alongside the history of Blantyre. Well done.

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