1908 Lido near Bothwell Bridge


With thanks to Betty McLean for sharing this photo of the Lido in 1908. Although the Lido was outwith Blantyre Parish, as is Bothwell Bridge, I like these viewpoints, which were taken from the boundary itself, of a popular spot so close by.

Children paddle in the River Clyde, in what looks like real shallow water, unusual to see.

(c) Blantyre Project

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Helen Lawson Taylor I remember going to the Lido during the school holidays ,of course we weren’t supposed to be there but there was always a gang of us from Beech Place and the older ones looked after us ,great memories back in the fifties .
Manny Devlin Still go down there now
Not as good all over grown now down at the water e.g.
Etta Morrison oh Helen remember it well..we were always warned not to go near it but along with you and others we did lol xx
Jane Scobbie Oh my Lord do I remember this place. We lived swimming there. Our childhood was truly amazing. We had a wonderful time really. When I watch my grandchildren today and compare their life to mine, I’d have mine every time. I honestly know I’d be bored being a kid in today’s time. Keep posting the photos, great memories 
The Blantyre Project always new photos here every day. Hardly even “scratched the surface” with thousands more lined up and ready! Thanks to all the people taking time to comment. Thats really what makes the page great. The social history to it all.

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