WW1 Blantyre men honoured


Tom Lang sent in these 2 photos adding, “I found these 2 photos in the archives of The Daily Record, 27th June, 1917.” Wishing to add a little more as I usually do, I looked into things a little deeper:

1) Sgt Archie Peat, M.M., Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), Blantyre, and
2) Pte Andrew Bryce, M.M., Scots Guards, Blantyre.

Andrew Bryce was born in 1886. The 3rd child of parents Andrew and Jessie, they lived at 88 Bairds Rows, just off Glasgow Road. Andrew’s father was a roadsman. By 1901, the family had moved nearby to 31 Forrest Street, out of the rows into a nearby home. This was no doubt due to the increasing size of their large family of ten. That year, Andrew was 15 and is noted as being a coalminer. He would likely have been employed by Bairds.

By August 1914, with WW1 in full swing, Andrew signed up for the army at the age of 26. His enrolment suggests he was born in 1888, rather than 1886 and conflicts with the census.It is noted he was single.

Archie Peat was born in 1883, the son of Archibald and Helen. Their third child, he was a Pastry Baker at Avon Buildings, Blantyre. Regimental records from 1920 show him still in duty and service, meaning most definitely he survived the war.


41629_611411_5601-00245These were men of Blantyre, leaving their jobs, to go to war with no previous military experiences. Brave indeed. Lest We Forget!

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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Helen Allan My dad and my grandad were in the cameronians
Archie Peat My Grandfather ( same name ) was a corporal in the TA at Logan Street when war was declared. He want to France in 1914 with the 6th Cams and was therefore entitled to the Mons star as opposed to the 1915/18 star. I understand he won the MM at the Battle of Loos He served 30 years in the TA , at the Drill Hall in Logan St and was awarded the Territorial Meritorious Service Medal retiring as CQMS
However his greatest claim to fame was he was the baker responsible for the internationally renowned Andra Little,s rolls and pies
Tom Lang Great story. Lest We Forget!
Archie Peat Thanks Tom !! For highlighting this
Willie Sharp God bless lest we forget some came to a land fit for kings 😡
Christine Wallace Tom has collected a huge amount of information about the Great War and the people behind the names on the war memorials of Larkhall and beyond.
Tom Lang Thanks Christine, alphabetically I’m just at the ‘D’s on Larkhall Memorial – a long way to go.
Tom Lang I just happened to spot these 2 men during my searching.

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