The Rosendale Quads

A rather rare event was talked about for some time after when it became known that a Blantyre woman had given birth to her 4 children, all on the same day.

On 9am on Sunday 6th May 1928, the young Blantyre woman, Mrs Flora McLean, wife of miner, who both resided at Rosendale Place, just off Glasgow Road, gave birth to quadruplets, to four sons in Bellshill Maternity Hospital.

Unfortunately though, this story does not end happily. All four were still-born. Mrs McLean was reported by Dr. H. J. Thomson, of Uddingston, who was present, and later advised press who were keen on the story, that the heartbroken mother, was progressing favourably under the circumstances.

A sensitive subject, but it got me thinking of those four poor little “lambs” and I wondered if there has been quadruplet children in Blantyre since?


From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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