Councillor Elizabeth Scott


14352226_313259755701029_7840238673021564618_o-2Mr Andrew Scott messaged me in September saying, “I was going through some things this evening and came across this. My great gran, Elizabeth Scott passed away when she was around 94 years old, and I was lucky enough to have met her. I am aware the Terminal One centre was named after her originally, and that she named streets in Blantyre, I believe Tighnasheen Way was one of them.  I however am not aware of a plaque in Blantyre, however this newspaper clipping seems to say that one does, or indeed did exist. Could anyone help out further with this particular point of history? Much appreciated, thanks.”

I was able to reply with:

Mrs Elizabeth Scott was indeed a former councillor of Blantyre during the 1950’s through to 1970s. Amongst buildings she opened was the David Livingstone Primary School in Coatshill, in Autumn 1957 and Blantyre High School in 1974. The former drill hall at Craig Street was renamed Elizabeth Scott Centre in honour of her, which is now Terminal One building. In October 1973, when much of Blantyre switched from coal fires to electric, Councillor Elizabeth Scott welcomed the decision. She said it was a good thing as it would help purify the air. ‘These all electric houses are making a difference’, she added.”

Can you add anything else about Elizabeth, for by all accounts, she was remarkable woman and very interested in all aspects of Blantyre community life.

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