1936 Calder Street School

Every now and again some little gems arrive into Blantyre Project. Like this amazingly clear photo of Calder Street School pupils, taken in 1936.


Shared here by former local School teacher, Morag Glen, via Blantyre Heritage Group, this is a great photo, not only for its detail, but because almost all the names are known! That makes for interesting viewing on this page, for these children are all Blantyre pupils and I’m sure many readers will be related to them.

These children would have been born in 1929 or 1930 or so. I’ve zoomed in on sections of the children and marked up almost all of their names. It would be great to identify the couple of missing names and even better to hear from anybody who spots their parents or siblings, grandparents, aunts or uncles!

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Jacqueline Muir My uncle David Rhodes is in this picture. Very interesting. He is still alive so must make sure he sees this.
Cathy Shearer Great to see these photos. I’m interested to see that one of the pupils named in the photo is Jim Hambley. My Granny was Jane Hambley born Springfield, Blantyre in 1889. Her father and his parents moved from Cornwall in the 1860’s to work in the coal mines in Lanarkshire. I’m working on my family tree and would be grateful if anyone knows anything about who Jim Hambley’s parents were?
The Blantyre Project I know the Hambleys who moved from England, first settled at Hospital Road in Blantyre at homes called, Dales (not to be confused by Dales in Main Street). This would have been where the junction of Victoria Street and Burnbrae Road is now. Would need to dig deeper to find out more.
Cathy Shearer Thank you for your reply. The first address I have in Lanarkshire for the Hambley family after they moved from Cornwall is 307 Cornish Row, Gartsherrie. This is where Henry and Mary Hambley’s daughter Eliza Jane was born in 1868. In the 1881 census my See more
Alison Glen Recognised my mother-in-law right away, then realised she’d provided the photo! Also see her friend Anna White (McClenaghan) 3rd from the left in the 3rd row, sadly no longer with us.
Alison Glen Iain Glen do you recognise anyone in the front row?!
Kenny Weir My mum has 2 cousins in the picture, Jessie and Hugh Gibson. Great picture.
Ann Crossar So they would be cousins of Hugh Crossar too then Kenny? Great photo and love that there are names for the faces. Xx
Sheona Brennan Would that make the some sort of relation to me then kenny, would that make them my dads cousins to? #confused lol
Kenny Weir Naw Sheona, the connection is from my grandads side John (Toffee) Gibson. My granny May Thompson and you grandad were brother and sister. Lol
Lesley Mcinneny Kenny …Lorraine…middle of back row?
Kenny Jenkins Yes, the ears are a dead giveaway
Rae Brown My aunt xx Liz Currie  Ann Donald‘s mum xx

Rae Brown's photo.
Karen Jackson Brilliant picture of aunty Joan, she disny look too happy….lol x

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  1. My Mum, Catherine MacIntyre Wilson (b.1927) and her sister Alison Gordon Wilson (b.1926) went to this school. They were definitely there in 1939. They lived at 65, Auckinraith rd. I don’t think their home exists now as I went to Blantyre recently and couldn’t find it. Are there anymore photos please. My Mum sadly passed away in May. It would be great to find more photos of them both. Thank you.

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