1949 Janet Main (Baird)


1949-janet-main-and-family-wmJim Cochrane shared this undated family photo adding, “This is my Family Great, Granny Janet Main (Baird) Seated, my Mum on the right Janet Marshall,My Gran Annie Marshall (Main) behind her Mum and My Aunt Christina Main, we called her Aunt Teeny.”

Janet Cochrane, the little girl in the picture (and mother of Jim) told me, “This photograph was taken at Andrew and Lily Forrests golden wedding in the blantyre Masonic hall so it would be taken in 1949”

I was determined to find out the exact date the photo was taken and this was one of those examples where I had to pay to find the answer. Working back in time, I found the marriage certificate retrieved at cost, which indicated that Andrew and Lily married on 9th June 1899 at Barnhill. Adding 50 years for a golden wedding anniversary and assuming they celebrated on the actual date of their wedding anniversary, this puts the photo as being taken on 9th June 1949. Nimmos band provided the entertainment.

Thanks to the Cochrane family for sharing another treasured photo.

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Marian Maguire Janet hasn’t changed a bit, and Annie Marshall was a lovely looking young woman in her day, Even the great granny despite the old fashioned clothes and hair, looks surprisingly young.

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