1938 Slater Family at Priory St


1938 Slater Family at 1 Priory St wmThis treasured family photo was kindly shared by Duncan Slater and was taken outside #1 Priory street in 1938.

In the photo is Duncan’s mother with her children. Duncan is actually the baby and in the photo also is his elder sister, Sadie. The Slater family were amongst numerous families to move from the former Merry’s Rows to new housing in 1937 at Priory Street and Calder Street.

Duncan’s grandpa was German and having been imprisoned for simply being a German in Blantyre in 1914, the family subsequently changed their name to Slater. The remarkable story of Duncan’s family is coming to Blantyre Project soon.

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  1. Great work you are doing for Blantyre and all the families that have lived there, for us all to look back and see where and how our families lived. Well done

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