What about this little lot?


I’ve decided to buy a little book cabinet for these Blantyre books. I’ve quite a collection forming, but what may surprise you is that these particular Blantyre History books were all written by myself in the last 6 years!

Most of them are published already and you may recognise some of them. The coloured and white hardback volumes at the back, are my pride and joy, the Blantyre Archives. I own a complete set of these limited edition books (not for sale), everything I have EVER written about Blantyre, every photo and story, everything I have ever absorbed from all your social media comments and noted right back to the mid 1980s! Another complete 2nd copy exists in the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh, preserving our local history, permanently. Further limited edition copies are now slowly making their way into the libraries of local Primary Schools. Blantyre library also have some of them for reference only (non rental).

The three old books at the front were bought blank. They are my own little, hand-written journals. My Blantyre notes, scribbles, little maps, sketches, things to investigate, the occasional wee Blantyre secrets and notable dates.

I’ve taken a lot on board this year, so haven’t released any large book in 2016, unusual for me on the the run up to Christmas and as such I won’t be taking a stall this year at the Festive Event.  Focusing instead, along with the committee members on ensuring that day goes well for everybody else.

However, 2017 is going to be the BEST year yet for Blantyre Project. Some amazingly detailed research coming along with many new photos. Books? I have THREE book drafts almost written and now being edited and they’ll all be released throughout 2017 with proceeds as usual to Blantyre charities and good causes. Knowing the effort put into these coming books, releasing them for general purchase is something I’m really excited about.

Blantyre Project books can be bought on Amazon, the perfect gift for Blantyre family and friends this Christmas.

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