Successful Presentation

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-23-34-10What a lovely evening I had tonight. Being off work this week has been the ideal opportunity to catch up on lots of research and start my Autumn evening scheduled history presentations all over Blantyre.

Last night got off to a great start when I was honoured to be invited along to the Women’s Guild at High Blantyre Old Parish to be their evening speaker. I was pleased to see so many people turn up, the women’s guild also being joined by some men interested in Blantyre’s history. Tonight’s presentation was all about the area of Kirkton (my home patch) and for an hour, I was thrilled to show new photos and stories for the first time.

After a book giveaway, a nice tea was put on. Thanks to Isabel for the invite, glad you all enjoyed it and I hope to be back again someday.

Further presentations are planned around Blantyre on several evenings this week. More on that shortly.

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