High Blantyre Drone

LRM_EXPORT_20160903_101814A very good friend of Blantyre Project, Adam Bush has again shared one of his amazing aerial photographs captured high above Blantyre using his drone mounted camera.

This one contrasts the darkness of the Calder to the West by comparison to the brightly lit lights of High Blantyre, centring around the cross at the top of Stonefield Road. I’ve marked up the copy with some nearby features and streets to put it in context.

The Larkfield Bing was used as the take off zone, flying straight up to capture this stunning image. (and my own home patch!)

It’s been some time since we’ve seen updated aerial photos in Blantyre, so this one taken last night on Saturday 2nd September 2016 is about as recent as it gets. You’ll see the yellow lights of High Blantyre Primary School, the new Carrigans Blantyre at the bottom of the photo and the photo cut by the lights of the A725 Expressway with East Kilbride way up in the back.

2016 Adam Bush wm

I’ve zoomed in on a few things too.


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