Wedding Toasts at Calderglen 1900


1900 cochrane at calderglenMr and Mrs J.R Cochrane of Calderglen Estate were congratulated by their servants and employees at the end of January 1900. The occasion was a happy one when those wealthy owners of Calderglen House put on a lavish supper in the main dining room on Tuesday 30th January for all their staff to recognise and celebrate their daughter’s recent marriage.

Servants and employees had missed out on the wedding itself having to work that day, but got a taste of the high life when they were able to sit around the main dining table some time later in the front room of the large house. (Which is now a care home near the Priory Playing fields.)

Miss Muriel Cochrane was the bride who was marrying Captain Stockwell. The couple only would have a brief honeymoon together in England, for war was occurring in South Africa and the Captain was due to leave that week.

Back in Blantyre, after an excellent supper, Mr Dunnet one of the servants proposed the toast of the evening, “The Bride and Groom” wishing them long life, prosperity and every happiness and wished the bridgegroom especially “godspeed, good luck and a safe return soon, covered in all the honours of war.” The toast was heartily pledged. A Mr. Lawrie then proposed the “Health of the Captain and Mrs Stockwell”, Mr Hughes that of “Mr and Mrs Cochrane”; Mr. Dunnet the extended “family at home and abroad. Songs and recitations were then given which rang all around Calderglen.

During the evening, celebrations were interrupted when a telegram was received from the absent Captain and Mrs Stockwell wishing everybody a happy evening and thanking them for their celebrations. ‘Auld Lane Syne” was sung and brought a most enjoyable evening to a close.

Incredibly, amongst the photos I have is this one showing the actual wedding party outside Calderglen. JR Cochrane is the older man with the white beard. Muriel is pictured along with several of her sisters. Looking at the clothes, location and accessories, this was a luxurious wedding by comparison to other Blantyre weddings of the time.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka © 2016 All rights reserved.

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