Mrs. Harris’s Charitable Act 1900



1950s Buggy Buildings, Auchinraith

This is a heart-warming tale of neighbourly goodwill. During the last 2 years of the 1890’s, the wife of one of Blantyre’s constables took seriously ill and was unable to attend to her family, whilst her husband was out at work.

A member of the Salvation Army, Mrs Harris of Melbourne Place on Auchinraith Road took it upon herself to help this woman out by conducting the whole household duties and looked after the family until sadly her patient died.

In early February 1900, her generous and spontaneous action was rewarded by the constables through the Benevolent Club in connection with the force, a donation of £5 being given to Mrs Harris. On that first Thursday of the month Superintendent Cook, along with Sergt. Lockhart waited upon Mrs Harris, and in the name of the Benevolent Club of the Lanarkshire Constabulary presented her with a gold brooch in a case, suitably inscribed and a purse with the balance of the £5.

Pictured in the 1950’s is Melbourne Place, or to give it its Blantyre nickname, The Buggy Buildings.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul D Veverka © 2016

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Henry Hambley Wonderful story. So typical of Blantyre folk.

Helen Lawson Taylor We stayed in Beech Place across the road from the Buggie buildings and visited our friends who stayed there .

Betty McLean Interesting to know the real name of the Buggy building. Had lots of fun running out and in the close.

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