Jimmy Young & his Parrot


13344498_1541888659452940_1222708564691639297_nThis photo is from the People’s Journal 1966. Katie Polockus Hughes told me, “This is my maternal great grandfather James (Jimmy) Young who was born in Blantyre.”

Garry Lee over at Historic Hamilton told me, “Jimmy was born in Blantyre and later lived in Elmbank Crescent in Burnbank. He was often seen walking about with his pet parrot, Jock on his head and was well known in the town.”

Kids would whistle and the parrot would whistle back. Jimmy was very fond of birds, having a wild garden and some caged birds. Do you know of, or remember Jimmy  (or Jock!!)

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  1. Looking into my family history and I think this might be my 3rd great-uncle

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