Forrest Family Children 1908


1908 Forrest Family Children wm

Jim Cochrane shared this photo adding, “Forrest Family Children , These would be My Gran’s Cousins but there is no details on the photograph.”

A difficult one to go on, but looking at Jim’s family tree and following on from a recent post here, I think these are the children of Andrew Forrest and Lily Main, who married on 9th June 1899.

The first three of their 8 children were Robert, Janet and Agnes and the order and ages fit well with this photograph of the Forrest children, putting the photo around 1908. Fashions show Victorian clothes being favoured more in line with Edwardian brighter lighter clothes.

Having no names or dates on the back of photos can be very frustrating for families and the memories of those people may eventually be forgotten if they are not named. Its a reminder for me to visit my own photos and put names on the back along with dates. We live in a digital generation where future generations may find it difficult to sort through 1000’s of digital photos on hard-drives labelled “IMG0001, IMG0002, IMG0003” and although some hard-drives will show the photo date, unless you physically print them out and name the people, it will be an absolute nightmare for your grandchildren and great grandchildren to work out who and what is going on in them. I predict a digital dark age that future generations will want to avoid themselves.

Do you have an old photo you need some assistance with? I’d love to try to piece together some missing parts of your ancestry jigsaws.

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Janet Cochrane So very true Paul we have a lot of photographs and no idea who they are

The Blantyre Project lol. Its bad enough trying to identify people in my family photos, let alone somebody elses! I hope i got this post correct. My parents left around 8,000 family photos from around 1900 right up until 2009. I’ve been archiving them all making them available online for my siblings in a secure private location. Saving the good Blantyre ones for Blantyre Project of course. Its a minefield. SO many unnamed, undated photos but I’m in my element.

Janet Cochrane Which is why Jim said I had to look through them and write the named on the ones that I knew we have a lot of Australian ones and no chance of ever knowing who they are
All the people who knew are dead

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