Andrew & Lily Golden Wedding


Lily and Andrew Golden Wedding Anniversary wmThis photo was shared by Jim Cochrane who commented, “Forrest Family of Blantyre. There is no date on this picture but they were my Granny Marshall’s Cousins and Uncles and Aunts. The occasion looks like a Birthday and I can see Nimmos band are providing the music.”

George Park, a reader of Blantyre Project added some detail stating, “from left to right, Jock Forrest, Meg Forrest, Lil Forrest, Andrew Forrest, Lily Forrest, Jean O’Neill, Andrew Forrest Jnr, Jenny Johnstone and Robert Forrest. The occasion was the golden wedding of Andrew and Lilly Forrest, and the location was High Blantyre Masonic Hall. Andrew and Lily were my Great Grandparents, with Robert being my Grand-dad.”

I’ve added the names for reference and scaled up the photo, improving its contrast and tone a little. Always wanting to add something to photos that are shared here, I decided to do a little research and found Lillias (Lily) Forrest, nee Main was born in 1879, the daughter of Robert and Janet Main. When Lillias Main was born her father, Robert, was 41 and her mother, Janet, was 39. She had four brothers and one sister. They lived at Barnhill for some time and were certainly there still in 1891 when Lily was just 12 years old. Andrew was slightly older born in 1877, the son of Andrew Forrest (a carter) and Jane Riddell.

I was determined to find out the exact date the photo was taken and this was one of those examples where I had to pay to find the answer. Working back in time, I found the marriage certificate retrieved at cost, which indicated that Andrew and Lily married on 9th June 1899 at Barnhill. Adding 50 years for a golden wedding anniversary and assuming they celebrated on the actual date of their wedding anniversary, this puts the photo Jim had as being taken on 9th June 1949, which ties in well with Nimmos band.

Andrew Forrest and Lily Forrest nee Main had eight children, Robert, Janet, Agnes, John, Lily, Jennifer,Andrew and Margaret. Lily died just 4 years later in 1953 aged 74, Andrew on 16th July 1967 at the rip old age of 90. They are buried together at High Blantyre Cemetery. (pictured) With thanks also to George Park for this newspaper clipping.


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