Looking for Elza Reid

In May 2016, I received an email from Alan McGowan in Canada, who is trying to track down the relatives of a Blantyre lady of the name ELZA REID.

Alan told me, “There is a great history of women’s chess in Scotland and I have covered some of the area in our Archive. However, I am particularly interested in one woman who was very successful in problem solving competitions featured in the chess column of the Glasgow Herald in the1930s and later. In the reports she is simply referred to as “Mrs Elza Reid, Blantyre”.  She continues to feature in the competitions, but the Glasgow Herald chess column of 1 May 1953 indicates she has moved residence as she is referred to to as :”Mrs Elza Reid, Innellan.” Interestingly, during the 1920s and 1930s there was a “Mrs Reid” who was a member of the Glasgow Ladies’ Chess Club, which met in rooms in the city centre. It is possible they are one and the same, but I can’t be sure. Perhaps you could keep her name in your records, just in case you ever come across anything that might help me identify her properly. Keep up the great work. Alan.”

In this instance, I wasn’t able to add anything of any value for Alan, but I was able to reply that there was an Elizabeth Reid living at 266 Glasgow Road in 1930, near Joanna Terrace. I cannot say for certain this is the talented person Alan is speaking of, so I put the question out to everybody here, are you related to the late Elza Reid or know of her family?


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