John Scott’s Hardware Shop


1949 John Scotts Shop Victoria StreetElizabeth Weaver has shared her family photo of her Uncle John’s shop, which was taken in 1949. Located at Victoria Street, just up from the Health Centre, John Scott owned a hardware and Confectionary store.

This is the building opposite the old play park (near the miner’s welfare). Elizabeth is in the push chair aged about 2.

Speaking of this photo, Elizabeth told me, “I do remember (a year or two later) taking our sweet coupons in there for “2 x two ounces of dolly mixtures” for me and my wee brother because sweets were still rationed.”

Rationing ended in Blantyre shops with an announcement made by the Co-op in 1953 on Glasgow Road. The Scott family were to sell up and just a decade after this photo was taken, the family had emigrated by the late 1950s.

The shop still exists today, but is now the chemist, as pictured in this modern photo.

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Margaret Brown Burns I remember the sweetie shop I stayed round the corner in the Crescents

Henry Hambley Remember the shop well. Good place to get a cooling ice lolly after some energetic playing in the park opposite.

Liz Boxall I remember it as Cathy Little’s .. Wee grocers when I went to my grandmas in Morris Cres on way home from Calder Street School 👍

Emma Trevethan Remember it well .. Now of course as seen in picture it’s Boots which I worked in for 20 yrs x

Emma Holmes I do remember it

Jane Maxwell I remember the sweetie shop we would get our sweeties there and then go to the matinee at the Broadway on a Saturday. Great days.

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