Jean & Elizabeth Weaver


1948 Elizabeth & Jean Weaver104 Victoria StreetWith thanks to Betty Weaver for sharing this lovely family photo. Pictured here in 1948 is baby Betty Weaver and her mum Jean Weaver (nee Scott).

Elizabeth told me, “This photo shows the back door of 104 Victoria Street with the old “food safe” on the wall above the pram. It had a mesh front and kept flies out of the food stored there – this was the coolest part of the house. The “food safe” on the back wall held meat and fish, but of course you had to use it quickly since the safe was cool, not actually cold! We had a pantry inside of course too.  I was 1 year old and Mum was 22. I remember that kilt – it was a very special gift for her 16th birthday apparently, so she must not have gained any weight since then.”

I think this is a charming, happy photo. Happy child and a proud mother.

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Trisha Mcginty Victoria street I stayed in it 14yrs, I love this picture of how it was 👍

Jane Johnstone Aye, we just called it ‘the pantry’!😀

Lillias Addison Lovely picture

Henry Hambley Lovely picture.

Irene Scott Smith Beautiful photo of our Auntie Jean and you too.

Mary Sitters Lovely photo of both you and your Mum.

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