Janet Fulton Frame

Blantyre couple Peter Frame (a coalminer) married his sweetheart Jane Storrie on the 14th March 1889. The couple moved to tenements at Braehead, Hunthill Road, which was located beside the entrance to Milheugh Estate. They had seven children in their family, and it was their 4th Janet Fulton Frame that is the subject primarily in this story.

Janet Fulton Frame was born on 30th August 1897 at Hunthill Road.

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She never married and was destined to live an incredibly long life, far outliving her parents and siblings.In the 1920’s she enrolled into domestic service training, which was held locally at Auchinraith House. These classes taught young women how to serve as maids, cleaners, waitresses, table service attendants, nannys and other services that wealthy families may require. It was an honest living. As her mother gradually became blind, it was up to Janet to attend to her needs. In 1926, aged 29, Janet emigrated to New Zealand via the domestic service emigration scheme, (which put those girls into contact with families around the world).

1929 Auchinraith House Domestic Service copy

Janet was to spend much of her life working in service to wealthy families and through this she got to travel the world before returning back to New Zealand. In 2000, she was recognised as being only one of 5 people living in that country to have lived in 3 different centuries! She passed away shortly after the accolade was given.

Her recollections were allegedly quite remarkable, especially her childhood memories of Blantyre. She stated, “Ma faither was a coal miner but well educated (as can be seen from his nice signature on Janet’s birth certificate). Even the working people in those days were well educated in Scotland. I think that was what stood by me, having an education and having knowledge of lots of things.” Living in Hunthill Road as a child, it was very likely Janet schooled at High Blantyre Primary School.

Pictured in 1929, are some Hamilton girls who just qualified at Blantyre’s Domestic training School at Auchinraith House.

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Elsie Chalmers What a story of a remarkable lady.
Note the emphasis on the education both her father and herself were given. She certainly took advantage of it.

The Blantyre Project I agree Elsie. It never ceases to amaze me how people strived to better themselves in every way and the pull of a new life in foreign places. I can understand fully how people in the early 20th Century took advantage of international travel being faster and cheaper, and escaping the clutches of a mining town. Especially those people who were single without ties.

Trisha Mcginty My big sister told me they used to tech this at Auchinraith school

Dara Kennedy Julie Frame Falk which line of Frames is this?

Julie Frame Falk I have some of this family Dara but the oldest generation was in England. Records in Non-Conformist Church so I imagine they originally came from Scotland. Peter Frame’s parents were William Frame and Janet Fulton who m. in Lesmahagow 22 Jun 1855. WiSee more

Joy McLennan Yes, well educated. All my grandfather’s brothers recd. University entrance, but chose to come to Canada!!


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  1. Double checking, but Janet Frame lived in New Zealand, and never married, but…not sure about the name Fulton….Bev smith

    1. Sorry to say, the Janet Frame who lived in New Zealand and wrote the books, is not the same one in your article. I just googled, and realised she was born in 1924. Perhaps there is a connection, but I don’t know. Bev Smith.

  2. Janet Frame was a well known author of An Angel at my Table, and other works. Her story was very moving. I admire her and her work, immensely. Bev Smith.

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