1983 Flat roofs from Auchentibber


1983 Flat roofs from Auchintibber copyWith thanks to Gordon Cook for sharing this photo here. A snowy winter scene from Auchentibber looking down the hill to Blantyre.

The photo is likely the early 1980’s. I can see the flat roofs of the Jerusalem houses and importantly, the council building at Priestfield Cemetery is off centre to the right, but the cemetery is empty and there’s no Priestfield Industrial Estate, nor indeed any Technology park. The clues likely put the photo at 1983.

A simple photo, but one 33 years later that becomes interesting for just how much the scene has changed.

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Elizabeth Dobson Grieve It’s a mess now with all those factories. When I stood at my mums grave, all you saw were green fields, now it’s a busy road and overgrown sheds.

Marian Maguire When my dad was buried in 1987 we were looking a lovely fields with cows, as he was born on a farm we thought this was a fitting spot for him, Now all you see are giant empty office blocks and for those occupied they offer no privacy for those visiting the cemetry. And what about the landscaping? The removed all the beautiful multicoloured trees and totally decimated the area, now there is a very small verge with the tiniest trees they could find, Not even thriving.

Trisha Mcginty Bring back memories 👍

The Blantyre Project i think this land just down from Auchentibber is currently up for sale.

Barbara Kerr I lived in Jerusalem in the 80’s
We had seasons then.

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