1978 Elm Street


1978 Elm StreetThis view of Elm Street looks north towards Glasgow Road and was captured on camera in 1978, just prior to the extensive redevelopment.

On 3rd September 1979, Stonefield Parish Church suffered the fate of many other Blantyre church buildings and was accidentally set on fire. The roof was being restored at the time when a workman left his blowtorch on while he went for his lunch. The building was just 9 months away from its centenary! At first it was thought that repair would be possible with a new roof, but soon it was discovered that the whole remaining church would need to be demolished as a result of weaknesses in the wall and from the land disturbance caused by mining (the reason why the spire had been removed years earlier). Despite losing their church building, the congregation remained resilient. During the next 3 years they met in the Livingstone Memorial Church each Sunday afternoon until the new St Andrew Church was built in 1982.

Who can remember the playpark on the left?
Image: Courtesy of Neil Gordon’s ,”An Historical Dictionary”

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On social media:

Stewart Hay I remember the fire. I was only 7 years old at the time. But what great memories living on elm street. A place where everyone knew everyone.

Henry Hambley A lovely picture which is full of memories for me. I used Elm Street as a quick way to get from from Auchinraith Terrace to Glasgow Road

Marion Anderson Remember it well, played in the swing park all the time

Spinrek Kestler Stayed straight across the road from the park. Who remembers the witches hat. Obviously before that photo.

Anne Mackie walked down here from Auchinraith Road with my daughter in her high pram xxx

Garry Lee The watermark stamp is also good as a way of advertising as many people innocently share you picture. Great picture.

Anthony Smith Bit fuzzy.Elm Road on the left.Aug.1970.

Anthony Smith's photo.
Susan Donnelly I used to go to the swing park there..I remember the fire to…..xx

Thomas Currie elm street a great place to live.

Rena Connor I thought the church was St Andrews parish Church …

Fiona Moran I used to play in the swing park when staying with my aunt in auchinraith rd in the 60s

Eleanor Wemyss Gran stayed in no 13 Jeanne allan

Mary Boyle I was born in Elm Street in 1960 so this photo means a lot to me. My nana Mrs Mogan lived at no. 20, so we used to play in the park loads. Thank you for posting the photo.

Ann Paterson Thank you for sharing these old pictures with us. I love seeing how Blantyre used to look and it always amazes me just how busy Glasgow Road used to be before the shopping centre.
Jane Maxwell We would play in the park on our way home from school.

Sadie Dolan Great Memories of this St that was the wee swingpark on the left xx

Maureen OBrien Great street the swing park was brilliant

Helen Allan I love seeing the photos too Ann. I was born, bred and still live in blantyre.

Catherine Murphy We used to play in the swing park on Elm Street most days coming home from school then we would walk up Elm Street cross over the railway line at Auchinraith pass by prefabs cross the bing this was a shortcut to our prefabs in Parkville Drive

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