1949 Victoria Street

Elizabeth Weaver has kindly shared some family photos here, which I’ll be showing here this week. The photos are in remarkably good condition, considering many of them were taken in the 1940’s. I hope you all find them as interesting as I did.

1949 Elizabeth Weaver & cousin Ian Scott

This photo was taken in the Weavers garden at 104 Victoria Street. This was the last house before the railway, and so the Weavers were lucky enough to have a larger garden than most of the neighbours.

Elizabeth told me, “The one with me and the pram plus baby would be the summer of 1949. Rhubarb growing behind me, I see! The baby cousin is Ian Scott – he emigrated to Australia with his family in the late 1950s and still lives there. As we got older, all the children from round about, would play in that field (the plots) – we used to cross it to get to the tennis courts in Stonefield Rd as we got older.”

Seeing the pram basket on the front took me right back to my own childhood. I can still remember my mother going shopping with my sister in the pram, putting the messages into the basket and if it was a big shop, into the pram itself, beside the baby’s feet.

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Catherine Fulton Those were lovely days lovely prams

Mary Roby I lived in Victoria Street.

Elizabeth Weaver I hope this will bring back memories for all the weans who used to play “over the plots” – we used to walk through there to get to Stonefield Road tennis courts. Also remember a pond with tadpoles? It doesn’t look as big as I remember!

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