Health Record & Baby Card

In those post WW2 pioneering days of a fledgling National Health Service, small record cards were issued to keep track of the health of your children. Some people may still have theirs, like Elizabeth Weaver, who shared her card and records from 1948 here a while back. The Weaver family lived close by to the Victoria Street health clinic and wouldn’t have far to walk on such visits.

The feeding guide is horribly out of date. Look what bottle-fed babies were fed. A mixture of sugar and cream as well as milk and water! There were also no night feeds. How times have changed looking through this. I see advice to new mothers, “Try to go out, although only for shopping“. Another great snippet of Blantyre life in days past. I love little things like this.

Elizabeth told me, “We were not bottle fed but our mother always claimed that she never did one night feeds, even when we were tiny. I assume we must have been left to cry. Dreadful.”

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