Tommy Morgans Sweet Shop

Does anybody remember Tommy Morgans Sweet shop?

Mr. Tommy Morgan ran a sweet shop during the 1960’s at the Village, Low Blantyre. It was located in a wooden hut situated on the east side of Station Road, directly opposite the entrance to Viewfield Avenue and near the north gable of the tenement at Ulva Place. Behind the shop was a dirt part that ran down towards the old Blantyre Works Cemetery and on to the David Livingstone Memorial Footbridge.

I’ve marked up this map showing the detached and isolated location.

1960s Tommy Morgan Sweet Shop

Today, these modern homes are now on the site.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.21.10

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Moyra Lindsay And Mrs Morgan worked there too. I got sent there for 12 penny caramels if dad was feeling flush and there was something good that we were all watching on tv so he must have opened all hours.

Margaret Brown Burns We always went to the wee sweet shop on our way to Elmwood school across the bridge to Bothwell

Marie Mc Millan My gran Mrs rouse lived cross the road from it was never out the of it x


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  1. Tommy Morgan was my Dad. I’m Vincent and I used to help out in the shop with my brothers Kevin and John. We have a lot of happy memories of the village and really lovely people from the great wee community. Alas, Asda coming to Blantyre was the demise of many small shops and Dad’s was one of them. He worked a 12 hour day and only took a half day on a Thursday. He loved all his customers. Sadly Mum and Dad are no longer with us .

    1. Oh my word, this post certainly brings back memories, I remember you Vincent, well not so much your face now, but your name and you bending over the counter?! Odd?? Remember “Jubilee’s” and “Pear Ices” and I remember the temptation to put a penny into the one armed bandit when all we had was fourpenny to spend and yes, Moyra, we were in the same class, I think I went to play at your grannie’s house with you on a few occasions? I remember catching my finger in the gate and my nail coming off later as it was so bruised!! My grannie and grampa lived in knightswood Terrace…just across the road. Oh thank you so much for this post Paul, and a very good day to all.

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