James Green – Auchentibber Inn

1928 James Struthers Green

James Struthers Green b1900 – d1969. Photo 1928 at Auchentibber Inn

This is Mr. James Green – or Jimmy as he was known. James Struthers Green ran the Auchentibber Inn during the mid to late 1920’s.

He was the nephew of Mr JBH Struthers who owned the Inn.

Born in 1900, Jimmy was the second son of Helena Harrison Struthers (the sister of JBH Struthers b1873) and Mr. William Green b1872, a spirit salesman of Ivy Grove, Hamilton. His siblings were John b1896, Margaret b1898 and William b1905.

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James S Green family tree

During the 1920’s, Jimmy assisted his uncle from Blantyre in many of his ventures and in this era was pictured as a very smartly turned out gentleman, clearly with an interest in the local Quoiting team at Auchentibber.

By 1925, according to the valuation roll, Jimmy was running the Auchentibber Inn and was a tenant to his uncle, although it is thought he only ran the inn until around 1929 upon its demise. Jimmy’s own father had died by 1925 and his mother Helena remarried to a Mr. Moffat sometime after 1931, but before 1938.

The Valuation roll of 1930 has Auchentibber Inn vacant by that time, but still owned by JBH Struthers, and no sign of Mr Green who was by that time living at 23 John Street in Ayr.

On 18th June 1931, James married Annie Allison Hughes, a tearoom waitress residing at 26 York Street, Ayr. James was 32 and Annie was 24 when they married.

1931 James Green marriage

James S Green – Annie Allison Huges Marriage 1931

As for the demise of Auchentibber Inn, could it simply be that 29 year old James Green moved to Ayr to start his own Spirit sales business (as noted on his marriage certificate) and left JBH Struthers without anybody to run his inn for we know he had no family and the Inn would certainly have been showing its age by then, again needing renovation. James moving away may have been the trigger for JBH Struthers to call it a day at Auchentibber, demolish the old inn or retire and let the Auchentibber Quoiting team find other venues around Blantyre.

James died aged 70 in 1969, in Irvine, near Ayr.

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James’s mother Helena Green (nee Struthers) inheritence

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