Cochranes, Prince & the Sheep

Its great when people take time to send in their treasured family photos of places, people and events in Blantyre. I take some delight in being able to share those kind of photos here and whilst there may not be a lot of narrative to such personal memories for people, I’m sure you’ll agree its equally as fascinating to see any kind of Blantyre related photos from years gone by, seeing how others lived.

Take Jim Cochrane for example, who has shared these 3 photos from the 1960’s. Jim didn’t just have a traditional pet like Prince the dog here, he also had a pet sheep in the garden.

Jim told me, “We got Prince just after i was born. This is me, in the older picture in 1968 in the family living room at Springpark, Auchentibber. Our dog and the sheep got on very well.”

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Elizabeth Weaver Great to have a glimpse into other people’s lives. I like how the cooker drawer is open so toddler Jim can play with the kitchen tools – something we all did. And the wee television in the corner – not dominating the living room as they tend to do now! Lovely photos.


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