Alexander Baird Main 1916-2008


1940s Alexander Baird Main b1916 d2008Jim Cochrane shared this photo commenting, “Alexander Baird Main was my Grans younger Brother and apart from Robert who died in infancy, was the only boy in a family of 6 girls. He was born at Little Udston Farm on 22nd June 1916 in the middle of WW1. He was a Farmer all his life and died in 2008 at age 91.” 

As always, hopefully I can add a little more. Alexander is pictured here perhaps in the late 1930’s or early 1940s. His father was Robert Main, a carter who had his own business. His mother was Janet Edmiston Baird, who married Robert Main and lived at Barnhill Farm in 1909. After losing their infant son little Robert on 25th January 1911, the family moved and lived nearby at 62 Broompark Road for a short time, before moving more permanently to Little Udston Farm. However, they did move again some time later in 1928, when they moved away from the area altogether to Rowantreehill Farm, Forth. (Jim, if you’re reading this, I hope I have all this correct? You have such a large ancestry in many branches!)

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