1978 Glasgow Road

This photo is of Glasgow Road looking east towards Hamilton. On the right is the junction of Victoria Street, during 1978, long before the Victoria Care home or Asda was built.

1978 Glasgow Road

The Stonefield Parish Primary School built in 1875, once located at the corner of Glasgow Road and Victoria Street was demolished by this time. The gable you see in the middle of the photo was a small 2 storey tenement containing shops with houses above known as Whifflet Place. In front of it, sandwiched in between it and the Primary School, was once a house called Bloomfield, the home of the Watt family, sitting detached and set back slightly from the pavement. As you can see from the photo, like much of Glasgow Road during 1978, it had already been demolished to make way for Clydeview Shopping centre.  The name “Whifflet” likely takes after an area of Coatbridge, and is thought to have been given latterly to the building in the late 20th Century, for there’s no reference to this name on any valuation roll prior to 1930, despite proof that it was there. Clydeview Shopping centre was named after the former post office building at 249 Glasgow Road, a building with the same name.

The scene is almost unrecognisable now, given the properties are all demolished both sides of the road. I’ve attached what it looks like now.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 14.02.51

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