1960s The Lido

Here’s a great photo of the Lido Park, down at the Bothwell Bridge, before the A725 was constructed. The photo dates from the 1960s and shows the splendour of the well kept park, nicely cut lawns and flowerbeds.

This isn’t Blantyre though. Taken from the Bothwell side of the River Clyde, it looks across to Hamilton and is just over the Blantyre boundary, which is to the right at the Parkburn, just outside the photo to the right.

Today the modern EK Expressway roars over the top of this scene, with cars backed up each day at rush hour, queued over the top of this former park, now buried. Bothwell Bridge can just be seen on the left.

1960s lido

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Gary Scott Pretty sure there is still a little walkway, with some gardens there? Or maybe just up a bit

Sheena Thomson When we were young Mum took us there for picnics.

Mary Marr I remember it when I was small my mum and dad would take myself and sisters down to the lido

Elizabeth Weaver Beautiful park, the Lido. This was a favourite outing for us when we lived in Victoria Street. Mum and Dad used to take us there often and I remember the flowers – and what seemed like crowds of people having picnics. We were always told the story of how they were walking down with the big pram (high Silver cross type) one day when a cyclist came round the bed too fast and crashed into them, knocking the pram over – with wee me inside. Never heard what happened to the cyclist but the pram was so damaged that they had to buy a new one when my brother Brian came along. Different days then, when all you had to worry about was a cyclist…there was hardly a car on the road and people thought nothing of walking from High Blantyre to the Lido with all their weans.

Colin Warwickshire great memories of my Dad and us weans walking from burnbank down through the woods , catching baggies down the Lido,singing the baggie song ,changed days indeed. thanks for jogging the memory.

Val Taylor I remember going down and rolling my Easter eggs down the hill great times

Wullie Bell Used to play 😆

Len Northfield It was very nice, and you could swim there.

John Krawczyk Before I was born my mum and dad stayed in the house across from this on the Bothwell side. That was the house before they built the big bungalows

Jane Maxwell My mum and dad would take us there to picnic it was always a lovely place to go.

Myra Forrest Good to see one of my walks x

Elaine Hunter I used to go there as a wee girl

Robert Mclachlan Think you took me ower there tam, or mibbi some of the Whitehill boys, was there a couple a times,forgot how nice it was

Jim Cochrane And they destroyed this in the name of progress.

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