1916 Shuttle Row Steps


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.24.36Exactly one hundred years ago in 1916, this photo was taken at Shuttle Row, Blantyre Works. It shows the very poor condition of the homes, which were then largely occupied by miners families, following the closure of the mills.

The homes had been condemned over a decade earlier but still were not demolished. Indeed, the steps have fallen into such disrepair, it almost makes them impassible.

To the right of the steps is a little bricked up window. This was bricked up sometime between 1903 and 1916 and we can only assume it may have been a store of sorts or done to give tenants further privacy. The window was opened back up again in 1929 when Shuttle was renovated. At that same time, the wooden door was turned into a window, and so as such, today, you’ll see 2 windows to the right of those steps, when 100 years ago there was none.

Speaking of the steps near this location, a few years back Lanarkshire Paranormal held a ghost hunting night, which lasted into the early hours of the morning. With cameras trained on the front of the building, this spooky photo was captured! We are assured the photographer was not smoking at the time and the picture remains unexplained.


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  1. Creepy! Thanks for sharing this.

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