Mrs Potter & Craig Row

Thank you to Mrs Hazel Gibson, who hand delivered this photo to my door.

Pictured is Mrs Potter of Auchentibber (also part of the Dickson family), on the right of the photo, in the 1920s outside her store. In the window, when I zoomed in, I could see Lifebhoy soap and sweets.

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George Cox This is a great project that is bringing back fond memories of days gone by. No matter how far you travel, you don’t forget your roots. Keep up the good work. It is more than appreciated

The Blantyre Project thank you. It wont be wasted either. Its all being permanently archived in our local library, the National Library of Scotland and something about to be announced in Summer that will see all this research become Blantyre’s official archives in association with the most major Scottish heritage organisation in Scotland ! Exciting. Kind words George. Have a good weekend.

Helen Henderson Mclaughlin My mum came from auchintibber n brothers all born there

The Blantyre Project a beautiful place than and now

Lisa Ashford-Potter Helen, we are related. My dad’s brother was named John McLaughlin Potter after your side of the family!!

Helen Henderson Mclaughlin Sorry no we were the hendersons, but my mothers maiden name was brooke smith

Chris Ladds The girl on the left is reminiscent of Mary Poppins. It’s amazing how much material you attract Paul as word of the page spreads and spreads.

Billy Anderson i can claim the potters as my ancestors thank you for all the work that you do,Billy,Melbourne.

Lisa Ashford-Potter OMG! This is my great grandmother! I’ve never seen this photo before! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You don’t know how much this means to me!
She was also part of the Wilson (maiden name), and McDonald (1st marriage) families.
It must have been in the very early 1920’s as she immigrated to Australia around 1923/4.
My grandad would tell us how she would give all her children money but they were only ever allowed to spend it in her shop!!

Billy Anderson Hi Lisa,hope you are well,Billy.

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