Ferry Crossing upstream of Priory


Glass SlideA wonderful glass plate view shared here by Gordon Cook. This likely dates back to 1880s or 1890s, but could possibly be even earlier, despite its remarkable clarity.

Pictured on a bend in the River Clyde is Blantyre on the left, Bothwell on the right, the castle clearly visible. A small stone quay or jetty sits on the right hand side with stones to hold down ropes of any moored boat. During the 1890’s, out the picture to the right was a small boathouse.

This was all a very private affair. It was for the sole use of the gamekeeper or gillie, employed by Lord Home to look after the Priory policies in the late 19th Century. Although for a long time owned by Lord Blantyre, the land was leased to Lord Home, they used to have wood auctions twice a year. This boat would go straight across to another jetty on the other side, just down the hill from Bothwell Castle, which also on that side contained the boathouse belonging to Bothwell House. The stone quay was still there in the 1930s but perhaps not used as much after that once Bothwell House was demolished.

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