Calderside Farm 1905

In March 2016, I was contacted by Warwick Adams, who messaged, “Hi Paul, Attached are the photographs of Calderside Farm I promised you. I have included the back of the postcard to verify the date as can be clearly seen from the post mark. The message is from my newly wed Grandmother to her new mother in law in Aberdeenshire.

My grandmother did not live at the farm but was married there on the 25th of August 1905.
It was her mother Janet who was the farmer at that time. Also attached is a copy of the 1911 census recording the residency of the McNeils.
I visited the farm on 15th October 2013 and took a photograph from roughly the same angle.  On that day the slate roof on the outbuildings was being replaced with a modern composite material as can be seen on the right of the photograph. I am not sure what happened after 1911 but my Great Grandmother Janet was living at Edge Farm when she died in 1920. Her son Richard is also recorded as living at Edge Farm when he died in 1928. Ironically Richard is not included in the list of farmers you have on the web site but his brothers Thomas and Neil are. My family history research is on-going but I am having difficulty following up on Thomas and Neil however should I find anything that I think is of interest to you I will let you know. I grew up in East Kilbride and spent many happy hours playing in Calder Glen so the Blantyre Project is fascinating to follow. Regards, Warwick Adams.”

Today, Calderside Farm is owned by the Raeburn family, who also own nearby Lodgehill and Basket Farms.

On social media:

Joyce Mac Don’t think the Raeburns own Calderside farm. They own some of the land but not the actual farm.
Janet Cochrane My grandparents moved to calderside about 1915 My mother and father moved into the farm about 1942 when they died My father bought the farm about 1953

James Stirling correct joyce ,there are two families living at calderside farm
Jim Cochrane The owners of Calderside at that time were the Andersons. During this time ,the McNeills were tenants as were the Marshalls up untill my Grandfather bought it in the early 1950s.
Jim Cochrane I see that the Macfarlanes are shown at Calderside Row in 1911, They are still There. 105 years later.

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