Boathouse Farmhouse

Situated at Blantyreferme, Boathouse Farmhouse was a small three roomed stone built house with a kitchen.

It had a large storage loft at the top of it, which was entered by a permanent large ladder situated on the gable wall of the cottage. (as pictured in 1910).

A bed for the servant girl was built into the recess in the kitchen, but the whole kitchen served the family as a kitchen and dining room too. The little parlour in effect had that same peculiarity that many Scots houses of the time had, that is, a bed in the kitchen! The bed was built into a cupboard and when it was shut off, it separated the kitchen area entirely. The steading attached to the house comprised of a stable, byre, cart shed, and a small house for the ploughman. Large greenhouses also featured in the early 20th Century. Opposite the house, the river formed a deep recess, which was used for the ferryboat crossing.

Boathouse Farmhouse is no longer there today but was situated next door to the south of John Munro’s  home (Boat Jock!) on the banks of the River Clyde.

1900 boathouse

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