1905 Church Halls, Kirkton

Looking west along Main Street towards the road to greenhall. Pictured in 1905, from Kirkton Cross, the scene is an everyday working weekday, with people going about their business. A man carries tools past the Church Hall. Another stands at the junction, perhaps wondering what David Ritchie, the photographer is doing.

The sign was salvaged and is now with the Carrigan family. All the buildings in this scene are now demolished and its now modern Kirk Care home.

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Margaret Elma Griffin I was a member of the Girls Life Brigade the meetings were held in this building I’d be about 7or 8 at the time wonder if anybody can remember the GLBs early 50s

The Blantyre Project I’ve written a story about the Girls Life Brigade when it started and where it first started out. Thanks Margaret. I hope to post it very soon.

Janet Cochrane Christmas fairs youth fellowship dances jumble sales beetle drives school concerts and decorating the Christmas tree with my uncle who was the hallkeeper

John Gillespie I remember as a member of the boys brigade from 1950 till 1954 having our weekly meetings in the Masonic hall and as a changing room for our Saturday morning football matches. Wonderful memories.

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