Caldervale Children 1946

Jane Reynolds shared this Caldervale children photo on the wonderful Facebook page “Finmeoot Friends”. Jane added, “Thought you might like to see this picture from 1946. I’m 3rd from the left. From left to right – George Burns, Pat McGarry my cousin, me, Margaret Eadie, Jim Rankin, Robert Eadie and May O’Brien. I’m sure you recognize the big tree by the glen. We moved to Farm Rd Blantyre with the Doyle’s in 1950.”

How happy those wee faces are in the immediate post war years. The kids must be in their 70s by now.

1946 Finmeoot Kids by Jane Reynolds

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Margaret Brown Burns I remember a Margaret Eadie from the Joe’s, her mum made kilts
Avril Keenan Going by date/age I think Robert Eadie could be my uncle, will pass this on to my cousin so she can check.
Caroline Burns I think you are my cousin Avril, was Tommy your dad, I’m Frankie’s daughter xx
Avril Keenan He was, so I guess that’s a yes, cousin. The power of FB strikes again.
Anne Mackie amazing to remember everyones names Still dont know how to find where the Finmeoot houses were ? xxx
Colin Wotherspoon Anne Mackie coming from Blantyre on the Blantyreferme Rd pass the Road to Newton go past the sign for Birnams and 200yds on the right is a little area to park it sits at the top of the hill before the Traffic lights at the railway bridge so now you know
Anne Mackie Thank you Is any of the house s remains still there ? x
Colin Wotherspoon Blantyre Project no sorry Anne but if you were an ex resident the surrounding landscape would have plenty memories in them cheers
Jean Mcgarry Is Pat Mcgarry Edward and Betty’s son if it is they where my aunt and uncle I remember Pat Owen and Richard and Betty all cousins of mine my dad was Pat Mcgarry I was born in 1948 my gran was Jane Reynolds.
Isabella Gallagher Tabor Jean Mcgarry Jane Reynolds
Maureen O’Connell Your Gran was Jane Reynolds my moms father’s sister. She was named after your Gran
Josie Mcquade I also remember the eadies from elm street
Margaret Docto What a brilliant picture. There’s a lot happy memories here.xx
Mary Kane Remember everyone in the photo they were happy days wee moved to spring Wells in 1959


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  1. I was born in Caldervale in 1960. We then moved to the Pre-Fabs in High Blantyre shortly after that, so I have no recollection of it. Although My mum and dad always referred to it as “Finmeoot”

  2. Although it’s a bit early for me, I was actually born at home (and not the hospital) in Caldervale (finmeoot) in 1960….. My mum and dad were Agnes and Hugh McCabe…. We moved to the “prefabs (Afton Street)” shortly after I was born…..

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