Bus collides with Horse & Cart

On Tuesday morning 17th December 1929 an alarming collision occurred on the Hamilton Road, near the High School, when a bus proceeding towards Hamilton came into collision with butcher’s horse-drawn cart coming in the opposite direction. The butcher’s horse was killed outright in the collision, and the driver was thrown from his seat and severely injured.

It seems that the driver of the bus swerved his vehicle to avoid a horse and cart coming out of the side street, and owing to the slippery nature of the roadway, the bus skidded, and the vehicle collided with the butcher’s horse drawn cart coming up the hill. The driver of the bus escaped unhurt, and the bus itself was only slightly damaged. The butcher’s horse got the full force of the collision, the animal being killed on the spot.

The driver of the butcher’s cart, was a young man named John Morgan, residing at 7 Hunthill Road, High Blantyre. He sustained bruises to the legs and cuts on the face, and also suffered severely from shock. He was attended by a doctor, and removed to his home later in the Motherwell ambulance. Happily, none of the passengers on the bus were injured, and they were able to proceed on their journey by another vehicle. The rear of the bus was damaged, the glass and woodwork of the door being wrecked and the brass rails bent and twisted.Pictured used for illustration only.


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