A Sad Co-incidence 1930

A sad coincidence in connection with the funerals of the victims of the 1930 Auchenraith Blantyre Colliery explosion occurred and is re-told here in a short, but  remarkable story.

Two ladies living in Wishaw had decided to attend the funerals of the victims in Blantyre. The first one called upon the second one at her Wishaw home, who was preparing to go when conversation in which they were engaged was interrupted by the arrival of a messenger. The grim faced man then gently broke the sad news to the second lady that her own son had been killed in a local Wishaw pit that very morning. It further transpires that the boy who was killed was employed in the pit by ‘the husband of the first of these two ladies.

I cant help but feel if this was a lapse in safety, how long their friendship would have lasted. Pictured on that very day in Blantyre is the funerals of the Auchenraith victims.


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