Woodside likely takes its name from the small woodland that is shown on Roys map of 1747. This small woodland was located just off the Glasgow Road at approximately where the junction is today at Glasgow road and Cowan Wilson Avenue. At first I thought it may have taken its name from the lands of  nearby Woodhouse, which contained a mansion house further along the open fields of that time.

There is evidence that Woodside in Blantyre dates from a far earlier time, back to the beginnings and roots of the 1st Lord Blantyre.

Glasgow University Archive Reference :16647
for 8th April 1588.

“Feu charter by Walter Steward Commendator of Blantyre in favour of Henry and Jonet (Janet) Cunningham of one equal half of the lands of Woodsyd in all extending to 33/4 land of old extent.”

I’m sure that Jonet was a member of the Coats family, but (unusually for me!) unable to find my record to confirm that. If so, it may simply have been an acquisition from Lord Blantyre extending what was to become Coatshill. The area certainly would suggest this to be the case. Pictured is the actual 1588 seal and charter, Lord Blantyre’s seal showing some signs of deterioration from age.

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