Back to Woodlea

The Annals of Blantyre book 1885, has a nice little anecdote showing that people even back in 1835 believed in re-incarnation. It is transcribed exactly as follows:

“One would scarcely expect to find amongst the worthy Blantyre Lairds, a Disciple of Pythagoras, one who firmly believed in the transmigration of souls. Such there was, however about half a century ago. He had many eccentricities and this was one which he cherished to the last, for on his deathbed he said to his family, “You needna expec’ that I’ll be awa frae Woodlea, I lov it too weel for that. So when simmer comes, and ye hear the backbird singing in the branches oot there, mind ye, thats me”

Do you know where Woodlea was or perhaps still is in Blantyre? (This is indeed Blantyre, not the Woodlea in Hamilton)


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