Womans Body found in River


I’ve lost count of the amount of people who drowned in the Clyde at Blantyre, whether accidentally (or indeed deliberately through own actions).

Not a nice story to dwell on , but this newspaper report from 27th July 1931, told of another body being discovered in the water.

“WOMAN’S BODY IN RIVER. The body of a well dressed woman taken from the River Clyde at Blantyre on the afternoon of Saturday 25th July 1931 was conveyed to the police mortuary. The woman was weeing a black coat with fur on the collar and cuffs, but there was nothing in the pockets, to indicate her identity. However, relatives arrived yesterday and identified the body, but up to last night the police had not disclosed the identity the dead woman.”

Sadly, it would appear this poor woman had taken her life or suffered a tragic accident. There are no other reports indicating any sort of foul play and I’ve not made any further attempt to find the identity of the woman. The story serves as a little nod, that this soul has been thought about again.

Pictured is the Craighead Viaduct over the River Clyde in 1904.

1904 Craighead Viaduct

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Mary Sitters My darling Mama’s sister Nan was drowned there too in January 1934. She was only 15.

Elaine Hunter That’s very sad x

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