Two Blantyre Paintings

It’s always nice when people send in paintings of Blantyre. These two have pride of place on the wall of Isla Arendell, who told me, “One is by A.G Reid of the bridge in the Calder (Milheugh) and the other of Stonefield by a Walter McDonald. I remember my mother Nan McNally buying the latter from an art exhibition in the building at the bottom of Logan Street where she ran the local playgroup during the 70s and 80s.”

Can anybody tell me more about the artists to give them some proper recognition?

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Elizabeth Weaver I remember Walter McDonald – I was (and still am) friends with his daughter. I think your mum’s friend Lilias will be able to give you more background, Paul, but he was a talented artist who worked in the Registrar’s office in High Blantyre when I knew him.

Marian Maguire The top picture is by Andrew Reid, who was related through marriage to Nancy chalmers of stonefield crescent and was a regular visitor. He lived at one time in the building on hunthill road, his wife I believe was called Martha and they had one daughter, she lives in London and I believe she is married to a member of parliament. Andrew was a member of the high Blantyre baptist church and regularly did the flowers. He latterly lived in Kirk Care at 1 hunthill road till he died. He had a good number of paintings hung in the hallway there along with others, when refurbished they didn’t put all of the paintings back up, I presume they are in storage. Andrew worked as an insurance man for years, and used to call at my husbands parents house, when they lived in the pre- fabs.

William McClenaghan I have the same painting by Walter McDonald in my possession

Jim Cochrane Don,t think there’s ever been sheep in that field,No chance of ever keeping them in even in the past.

Orlando Ancilotti Walter McDonald was a talented amateur artist and photographer in Blantyre. He used to lead an art club in the old community centre, opposite David Livingstone Memorial Church, to which I went when I was about 13. He was gentle, kind and encouraging. Another member of the club who was equally kind and encouraging was Neil Gordon, the Blantyre historian whose footsteps you follow in.

Betty McLean Beautiful paintings


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  1. I have just bought a painting ny walter mcdonald of livingstone. Memorial

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