Calder Street Bell

In November 2015, I was kindly invited to take a photo of the old Calder Street School Bell, which is now in the reception hall of the new Auchinraith Primary School.


On a day off, I should have taken a few more moments to read what was on the bell. The manufacturer name “and Co….Founders” is noted on this photo, so if anybody at the school is reading this, I’d love to know what the rest of the inscription around the top says!
The bell (if constructed for the opening of the school), now likely around 104 years old. This is not to be confused with another old Blantyre school bell that was passed between Ness’s Primary School and the one on the side of David Livingstone Centre. The design of Calder Street School was the product of an Architects competition in 1909. Eight architects asked to design to a budget of £10,000 (an impressive £1million in todays money). The winner was announced on Christmas Eve 1909. Construction started in 1910 and the school was completed and opened in 1912.
Calder Street School was demolished in Summer 2010, around 98 years after it was built. Great to see the bell and a few other items saved from the popular, old secondary school.
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Robert McLeod-Wolohan I remember asking the janny if i could ring it, and i did many times lol

Jane Scobbie Ran for this loads of times haha

Wullie Bell The janitor used to let ring the bell

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