Railway Junctions

A railway spur was opened in Blantyre in 1882, which connected High Blantyre to Low Blantyre. This was done so that the Caledonian Railway could operate a direct service from Glasgow to Strathaven, via High Blantyre and Hamilton at Little Earnock.

At the north end of Blantyre, the railway branched off the main line and headed south over a former iron bridge at Glasgow Road, where the A725 East Kilbride Expressway now is.

To the east of that bridge, and adjacent to it, was another bridge that carried a line from Hamilton West. This was known as the Craighead Junction. This flowed from the railway behind Roberstons of Springwells (formerly Roberstsons Aerated Waters) and crossed the bridge at Glasgow Road near Whistleberry Road.

The junctions merged near the bottom of Auchinraith and became one line, heading in a curve right through Blantyre parallel to Auchinraith Road for much of its length. This was known as the Auchinraith Junction up to where it crossed a third bridge over Craig Street (next to Anford Place). The line then continued in a curve through Blantyre across Victoria Street and continued to where Bunbrae Road is today, along a line adjacent to the cemetery wall. Beyond that it crossed another bridge near Broompark Farm at Broompark Road. Curving round beside Stonefield Crescent it crossed over Hunthill Road, continued behind the Primary School and over another bridge at Main Street at the Old Parish Church, adjacent to the High Blantyre Station.

Attached is the 1936 map showing the configuration of the railway at these points and putting into context how it cut through Blantyre. The redundant line forming much of the green space we have inside Blantyre these days. Also attached is a photo of the Glasgow Road railway bridge being replaced in 1931, the previous iron bride no longer fit for purpose.

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