Liddell and McCallum

Ken Liddell emailed me this, “I was visiting your fantastic site to gather some info on Auchentibber Gardens. It occurred to me that someone might have or have access to information on Blantyre grocers from around the pre-WWII era. These are both family connections going under the names of “William Liddell” and “J & S McCallum”. I’m interested in where the shops were and when they were trading in Blantyre. Thanks and regards.”

McCallum (J&S) was on the northern end at the bottom of Stonefield Road. This photo from 1915, actually shows the shop name on the gable. It later in more modern times became Clyde Star Video shop, and is now sadly knocked down. McCallum had a strong connection to Blantyre as a grocer, but also held a spirits license for selling alcohol. I think this is the John McCallum you’re after, but should not be confused with a man of the exact same name who lived very near to this at 28 Calder Street in Dixon’s Rows. That John McCallum was a miner for Dixon’s collieries and is unlikely to have owned a shop.
William Liddell as a grocer, I’m still searching for. However, the building in the photo directly across from McCallums on the other side of the road was near Clive Cottage (not the corner building). In 1895, several people lived in that small building, including a William Liddell, who is noted on the census of that year as being a miner. I’m not sure of the relationship between William and John McCallum, or indeed if there is any, but a co-incidence nonetheless, that part of their story can be told from this one picture. In answer to your query, I would suggest the businesses were located here. I hope this helps in some way.

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